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Adhesis is quite simply a place on the Internet where music is experienced, explored and shared. I am Skip and I manage this website. After an extended (but necessary) break I am getting back to music.

I don’t claim to have all the answers. However, I believe together we can make a great future for music, including our own careers.

The Adhesis Artists of the Month

Every month new artists will be featured above from SoundCloud or ReverbNation. The artists shared are chosen for many reasons, but for the most part it’s because I like them.

The Future of Music

Jim Morrison Future of Music Quote

“I can kind of envision maybe one person with a lot of machines, tapes and electronics set up, singing or speaking while using machines.” ~ Jim Morrison

During my studies through Berklee College of Music, one of my classes was specific to the future of music. Granted, this was a few years ago and the industry is always changing. Adhesis is an outlet for sharing some of what I’ve seen over the years. Here are a few predictions we shared a few years ago.

Digital Music: We could see the digital music era rapidly descending upon us. It was assumed digital music would soon be the dominating force in music sales, thereby eliminating the consumer need for many stores driven by selling physical copies of albums. We were right and some of us worked at music stores that went belly up, which was the icing on the cake for our predictions.

Press Kits: Traditional press kits were being replaced by electronic press kits. It was our guess that within a few years reputable bands would no longer be mailing traditional press kits to venues. Again, we were right, but not entirely. What I have seen over the past couple years is that while many bands have stopped snail mailing press kits to venues, many local venues still rely on them and are faster to offer gigs to those bands. Perhaps venue managers see electronic press kits as laziness on the band’s part. Perhaps venue managers have too many electronic press kits to filter through and physical press kits now stand out. Each venue manager has his individual reasons. Read “How to Create a Press Kit That Gets Gigs”.

Music Marketing: Like traditional press kits, we expected most music marketing efforts to become electronic in nature. Those ideas included things like email newsletters, videos shared online, social networking, websites and, of course, digital downloads. Did we get it right? Yes we did. But, a lot of traditional marketing is still being done by bands, such as merch and music sales at shows, posters and fliers, and promoting through word of mouth.

New Music: We may never reach the end of possible musical melodies, but we did predict that more electronic music would be created utilizing conventional music from previous eras as loops and samples. Where we were wrong is that we didn’t predict that today’s conventional music would also be used in the creation of new electronic music.

The video below (by Vsauce) explains why we may never run out of new music. But, the question remains, “will people like this?” Our job as musicians is to make sure the answer is yes.