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How to Use a Band Blog Effectively

Band blogs are fantastic. Let me say that in a different way. If you use your band blog to benefit your fans, it can be fantastic.

In today’s music industry we have many opportunities to connect with fans. For instance, there are social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud and YouTube. There are also companies such as CD Baby and TuneCore who can handle most of your music distribution needs. But, the one element almost all of these are missing is the lasting personal connection with your fans. That’s where your blog comes in.

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Jim Morrison Quote

“I can kind of envision maybe one person with a lot of machines, tapes and electronics set up, singing or speaking while using machines.” ~ Jim Morrison (1969)

When some musicians think of marketing, the only thing that comes to mind is a used car salesman. It doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, the right marketing tactics could propel your music career so you never need to worry about selling a used car. But, it’s not easy. It’s hard work. The trick to success is making it fun.

My goal is to make music marketing fun and manageable for you.

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