Music Marketing Made Easy

20000 Fans
“If you want 20,000 fans you must do 2000 different things that each generate 10 fans.”
David Meerman Scott

My goal is to help you develop the necessary marketing skills to be a successful independent musician in today’s music industry. Here’s how the marketing tips are broken down, and don’t worry, all of these marketing tips are free.

  • New Musicians: Basic (free to very low cost) growth techniques for new artists and bands to start building a fanbase and booking shows.
  • Local Musicians: Simple and efficient (free to low cost) growth techniques for local artists and bands to attract fans and make some money.
  • Festival Musicians: Challenging and effective (low to medium cost) growth techniques for artists and bands that occasionally perform short regional tours or at festivals.
  • Touring Musicians: Advanced and expensive (medium to high cost) growth techniques for artists and bands who are frequently touring outside their local scene.

In addition to the marketing tips, you will also find the following industry topics.

  • General Music Business: Articles that cover non-marketing music business can be found here.
  • Miscellaneous: Some stuff doesn’t fit with a topic I’ve previously written about, so I put those articles in this wonderful place called “Miscellaneous.”

Who am I?

June 17, 2007
The Paradise – Boston, MA
June 17, 2007

I am a musician that has learned many of these skills through trial and error over the past twenty years of adulthood. I have read a lot of books, tried a lot of things, have a Music Business Specialist Certificate from Berklee College of Music, and am a third year marketing student at Southern New Hampshire University.

I have performed at venues like the Blue Note in Las Vegas, NV and the Avalon Nightclub in Boston, MA. I have also performed in five other countries with various bands. Related experiences include sales; private lesson instruction; marketing for nonprofit organizations, small businesses, and musicians; freelance web design; and freelance social media management.